All You Wanted To Know About A Whiteboard

May 17, 2018 by Kornum Burnham

In reality in most of the offices these days, the whiteboards have come to be a useful permanent fixture individuals cannot do without. So where did the journey of the permanent fixture in the majority of the offices and schools begin? Let’s find out!

The ancient whiteboards had a glassy finish on these that could be discovered on the film negatives. Martin Heit ready his prototype and sold his idea to Dry Mark who in turn began introducing the whiteboard to the educational industry.

Whiteboards became popular all across in a variety of sectors especially the educational industry, in 1990s, which also when the probable health dangers that chalk dust introduced was a major cause for concern. When it had been introduced in the current market, there was no turning back along with the rest as they say is history as the whiteboards have come a long way from becoming a costly product with melamine surface to ceramic steel dry erase surface that is magnetic that is the best excellent board readily available on the marketplace. The white planks, over a time period have also gotten affordable and are typical even in hospitals apart from schools, universities and offices

The whiteboards available in the market can be discerned depending on different surfaces utilized on these boards and there are four popular selections offered in the current market, namely melamine, painted steel or aluminum, hardcoat laminate and ceramic enamel on steel.


These planks can be found in various qualities, with some of them keeping the residue of the erased marking leading to a phenomenon that is called as ghosting and others that do not exhibit the ghosting phenomenon for a longer period. The melamine board is one of the cheapest kinds of whiteboards available on the market and is ordinarily used in many of non industrial applications.

Painted steel or aluminum

The following kind of whiteboard that’s available in the market is the painted aluminum or steel board. Since the surface is painted, the surface is more straightforward and is also easy to erase. The surface on the stained aluminum or steel whiteboard has distinct layers of coatings. The base coat is generally white in color and the other coating that’s the dry erase element, is referred to as the clear performance coating. cheap nobo whiteboards of the high quality painted steel or aluminum whiteboards have excellent dry erase properties with a few of the highest quality boards permitting the consumer to clear content that’s been written with permanent markers. However since the surface is coated, extreme caution and care needs to be taken when using the board and maintaining it, as it is very likely to get scratches easily. While the painted steel surface is magnetic in nature, the painted aluminum surface is quite pricey as well as these surfaces are non magnetic in character and hence are quite rarely used. Usually the painted steel or aluminum whiteboards function as patient information boards, coaching boards, or even tracking boards.