Buy Google AdSense Account: How Legitimate?

May 7, 2018 by Kornum Burnham

If you need me to answer this question in single word, I’ll state “NO”. Purchasing Google AdSense account is 100% unethical and contrary to the Google provisions and coverages. Definitely I won’t ask you to believe what I say, the truth is I’m here to inform you about the facts and also make you aware of the fraud AdSense account vendors.

Why Buying AdSense accounts is not valid?

It’s contrary to the Google policy. I think you will simply go to buy those accounts in case your AdSense application is rejected multiple times by Google approval group. It certainly shows that you are not eligible to participate in AdSense program, or your site is not fulfilling the Google writer guidelines. In these scenarios, if you run advertisements from purchased balances, do you think it’s legitimate?

Should you click on the advertisements saying “Purchase Google AdSense account for 9$ only” or something comparable and see the vendor website, you may get the answer to your question. The majority of the AdSense account vendors have comparable features like…

Free hosted landing page like on blogspot or sub domain on free hosting provider.
Ugly looking Adsense Account with huge fonts requesting payment and contact details.
They simply provide you cell phone number and ask for the payment. They do not have genuine contact address or real internet business portfolio or website.
They guarantee to the account within 2 to 24 hrs, while Google it self takes a lot of days to accept your initial Google AdSense application.
The majority of motif sells balances created with unethical methods such as many internet applications like blogspot can help you to open AdSense account. They will alter the payee name and will provide you credentials. How ever there is no guarantee on lifestyle of these accounts.
They are promoting balances at very low (suspicious) price. If you hire someone for approving your own AdSense account through ethical way following all of the publisher guidelines and Google policy may cost you a whole lot more than this.

If you’re still finding AdSense account for sell, I would love to ask you one simple question which “Why you actually want to purchase AdSense account?” As getting approved your AdSense application is not so difficult if you follow the instructions carefully and work. Better to re-apply for AdSense by solving any problems for which it had been previously rejected.