The Most Powerful Airsoft Gun

May 17, 2018 by Kornum Burnham

Airsoft gun sport is a rapidly upcoming recreational game that is taking the country by a storm. This has caused a huge stir amongst the pellet firearms manufacturers which has resulted in the revolution in airsoft guns. Gone are the days when people used to play missions in the woods with spring powered pellet guns. Now once you mention airsoft gun, AEG’s (Airsoft electric guns) and Gas powered guns come to mind. Spring guns are mostly used for target practise mostly because of its lack of muzzle velocity and blow back action.

airsoft meme to this airsoft family is that the Airforce condor fully loaded sniper rifle. With a muzzle speed of nearly 1300fps, this rifle is unmathced, unbeatable and outclasses every other airsoft gun put in its aftermath. Even with all of its power, this rifle is totally recoil-less. Obviously the ability of this gun can be adjusted determined by the range you plan to use it for. The fully loaded models include a 4x16 50 AO scope. You can however use your own preferred scope. The accuracy is as large as1” (less than 1”) group at 75 yards. The gun can be set to automatic cocking to decrease time between firing shots. This gun usually comes with a barrell which functions as a silencer; making the shooter almost indetectable. These features help make the sniper a superb stealth for airsoft gun assignments Provides high precision for range less than 75 yards, but can also be utilized to aim at bigger objectives as much as 10 yards. This rifle is widely used for specialist training purposes.

The Condor is fabricated from the Airforce Airguns, airsoft guns manufacturer in America. Being in business for over 15 years, they are famous for creating long range rifles. Since Airforce is only a producer, you’ll need to purchase the gun out of a reputed dealer. Being high profile pellet guns, it is on the pricey side and is recommended for use by experts only. Beware of cheap imitations and unathorized re-sellers. Retailers would not be selling these firearms widely if it wasn’t worth the price. This is a lifelong gear if maintained correctly.

I don’t recommend any particular retailers nor have I provided a direct connection to some retailers website. Airsoft is a enjoyable sport when played safely. Please make sure to have your safety equipment on before heading on any assignment.